Early Bird Special Discounts



Please be advised that the KCACTF national leadership has instituted an “Early Bird” Financial Incentive again this year for Festival 41.  In short, this incentive works as follows:

-If you REGISTER AND PAY for your production(s) prior to October 1, 2008, your registration cost will be at the “Early Bird” rate ($225 for Associate Productions; $300 for Participating Productions.)  You may (and are encouraged to) register ALL your productions for the 08/09 school year (September through May performances.)

-Registrations entered OR payments received after October 1, 2008 will incur an additional $50 cost ($275 for Associate Productions; $350 for Participating Productions.)  So, if you register your production prior to October 1, but payment is not received until after October 1, you are subject to the additional fee.

-Payment—Paying with a credit card at the time you register your production is the best and most efficient way to make payment.  In light of the deadlines noted above, if you must pay by institutional check it is in your best interest to get the process started as soon as possible.  An electronic invoice will be sent immediately upon completion of your production registration.
Why the “Early Bird” rate?  The “Early Bird” program helps us to serve your production response needs in a more efficient and effective manner by working with respondents on scheduling well in advance of the production.  The “early bird” program also helps us to determine our financial outlook early so we can plan our regional festival most effectively.  In the end, this allows us to keep these and other fees as low as possible to encourage your continuing participation.