2005 SUMMER INTENSIVES at the Kennedy Center

Masterclasses in:


The Collaborative Process: With Ming Cho Lee & Constance Hoffman

2005 dates t.b.a

1.      Director Collaboration

2.      Scene Design

3.      Costume Design

Six directors,

Twelve scenic designers, and

Twelve costume designers,

will be invited to participate in an intensive master class.  Participants will be faculty and students.  Directors and Designers will work in association with each other, led by Ming Cho Lee and Constance Hoffman.

This rigorous master class will focus on the collaborative designer/director relationship and process by exploring project work selected from Shakespeare, the Greeks or Opera. The full process - from discussion to research to sketches to renderings and models - will be practically explored in the Kennedy Center Design Studios.


To Apply

ˇ         Send a letter detailing your interest in participating in the master class to:


KCACTF Collaboration, (Directors),

Or to: KCACTF Scenic Design,

Or to: KCACTF Costume Design,

The Kennedy Center
Box 10808
Arlington, Virginia 22210


ˇ         Directors also include:

  1. A directing resume with all related experience.
  2. A one-page discussion of the approach you would take to a play by Shakespeare, one that you have not yet directed but are particularly passionate about directing in the near future.


ˇ         Scenic & Costume Designers also include:

1.      A resume detailing your design and related experience.

  1. Up-to six color Xeroxes or digital photos from your portfolio offering a strong representative view of your body of work.



Playwriting: With Gary Garrison

And special master classes by
Marsha Norman,
Lee Blessing,
Heather McDonald
And others....

July 3-16, 2005
Participants are university students, faculty and young professionals from across the country.  Up to 18 playwrights (9 professional playwrights and/or instructors of playwriting and 9 student playwrights) will be selected

The program consists of writing workshops and discussions of the business of playwriting with the Program's Coordinator, playwright and author Gary Garrison and a wide range of distinguished guest artists.

Some of Washington D.C.'s leading playwrights, dramaturgs, literary managers, artistic directors and producers will provide one-on-one response sessions to the participants' work.
To Apply

Send to:

KCACTF Playwriting
The Kennedy Center
Box 10808
Arlington, Virginia 22210

1.      A writing and/or teaching resume.

2.      A brief statement of purpose for attending.

3.      Ten pages of a playwriting sample.



ˇ        Lighting Design: With Beverly Emmons

With Eric Cornwell and Matt Hudson (Moving Light Programmer for the film Chicago)

In association with VLPS Lighting Services

And  IATSE Local 22 Training Department
July 3-16, 2005

Fourteen lighting designers (faculty and students), will work with distinguished designers in the Kennedy Center's Theatre Lab and a specially constructed Lighting Lab for the Vari-lites.

This rigorous master class will focus on the lighting design process with lecture/demonstrations and practical laboratory projects modeled on the KCACTF National Festival Lighting Project, and a full Vari-Lite rig provided by VLPS Lighting Services and Vari-Lite International.

The participating lighting designers will work on real life lighting problems using the new equipment. These problems will deal with classical issues of color, angle and intensity with the new vocabulary and syntax of the moving light world.

Vari-Lite is a leading worldwide designer and manufacturer of automated lighting products. The company markets its products primarily to the entertainment industry, serving such markets as concert touring, theater, television and film and corporate events. Vari-Lite is a division of Genlyte Thomas Group. The company sells VARI*LITEŽ automated lighting equipment through a dedicated sales staff and a worldwide network of independent dealers.

The I.A.T.S.E. is the labor union representing technicians, artisans and craftspersons in the entertainment industry, including live theatre, film and television production, and trade shows.


To Apply

Send to:

KCACTF Lighting Design
The Kennedy Center
Box 10808
Arlington, Virginia 22210

1.      A letter stating and detailing your interest in participating in the master class.

2.      A resume detailing your training, design and related experience.

3.      A small selection of traditional paperwork (cue sheets, Light plot, color key, magic sheet and traditional paperwork ) representing your work.

4.      A brief sampling of Visual materials which serve to show your method of research and preparation: preliminary sketches, photographic images, "sources of inspiration".

5.      Up-to six color Xeroxes or digital photos from your portfolio offering a strong representative view of your body of work.



Application deadline for all Summer Intensive Programs:

Friday, April 1st, 2005.

Participants will be notified by April 30th.

Early submission and acceptance notification may be possible if applicant's home institution has earlier professional development funding deadlines. Please inquire at the e-mail address below.

Applications to all Summer Intensive Programs may also be submitted electronically to


Please be sure to identify the Masterclass for which you are applying.



  • $900 for any master class.
  • $850 for faculty or students from KCACTF participating institutions.
  • $800 for faculty and students whose home institutions are offering scholarship or professional development support, at any level, for this opportunity

Available at a rate of $40 per night- or $560 for the entire master class period- shared lodging- in the George Washington University Residence Halls, within easy walking distance to the Kennedy Center.


Class times: 
8:30am-6pm (or later) Daily
Day off- Sunday