Directing Scene Selections

SDC List of Scenes for 2017 Festival 49:

The Stonewater Rapture by Doug Wright, published by Dramatists Play Service, Inc., 1990. Begin on   p. 16 “Hello, Carlyle.” To the end of scene 1 on p. 23

Hir by Taylor Mac, published by Northwestern University Press, 2015.Begin on page 19 – “I should show you your bed.” to page 34 “Things are truly good now.  Your father's out of the picture and it's not like how it was before.”

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom by August Wilson.  Published by Samuel French.  Begin with “SLOW DRAG:  Don't make no difference if she leave or not.” to  “LEVEE:  Your God ain't shit, Cutler.”

Love and Information by Carryl Churchill, published by Theatre Communications Group, 2012. Begin on p. 48 “Linguist”, end on P. 52 last line.  Insert “Depression” lines wherever deemed appropriate.

The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams, published by Dramatist's Play Service, Inc., 1998. Begin on p. 44 Laura's line “Mother!” Amanda's response “What's the matter now?” to the end of Act I p. 51, Tom's line “For these and all Thy mercies – God's Holy Name be praised.”

Eclipsed by Danai Gurira, published by Dramatist's Play Service, New York, 2010.  Scene 6, p. 27-32

The Who and The What by Ayadh Aktar, published by Back Bay Books/Little Brown and Company, 2014. Start p. 75, “Mahwish: Zaina you have to talk to him.” to p. 84 end of Act II.

Speech and Debate by Stephen Karam, published by Dramatist's Play Service, Inc. 2012 (revised version). Scene 8 Declamation, p. 52-60

Rag and Bone by Noah Haidle, published byDramatist's Play Service Inc., 2006.  Top of play to end of Scene 3.

Cleave by Elena Belyea.  Not yet published, available by .pdf.  Begin with "(CAROL grabs the chicken and potatoes and goes onstage.)" at the bottom of page 27 and goes till "(PINA keeps eating. CAROL grabs the bottle of wine off the table then exits.)" at the top of page 39.